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dogs tested for the DNA Marker for Fanconi Syndrome thus :


pCL                Probably clear / normal (linkage test)
pCR                Probably carrier (linkage test)
IND                Indeterminate between clear and carrier
pAFS              Probably affected with Fanconi Syndrome (linkage test)

Cld                 Direct tests from late August 2011 are designated - Clear Carrier
CRD               Direct tests from late August 2011 are designated – Carrier

DFS-OA         (Diagnosed with Fanconi Syndrome - Owner authorised publication).
DFS-Res-OA  dogs already clinically affected and tested to aid Research            (Diagnosed                                 with Fanconi Syndrome - Tested post diagnosis to aid research -                                                     Ownerauthorised publication )


PRA-N            PraTest normal

PRA-C            PPATest carrier

PRA-aff          affected dogs


Am                  American

SWE                Sweden

GB                   Great Britain

BIS                  Best in Show


SDHR            Stud Dog Honor Roll (USA)

BBHR            Brood Bitch Honor Roll (USA)

JW                 Junior Warrant (UK). A points title which a dog can win in its first 18                                             months, based on Class wins and the number of dogs beaten.

JC                  Junior Courser (USA) – also SC Senior Courser and MC Master                                                     Courser. Once a dog has its SC it supercedes the JC which is removed

WW              World Winner

VMR             This is a Finnish Veteran title

VMM             again, this is from Finland

KBHW           this is a Finnish title – I am not sure of what it is in English

EE                  Estonian Champion

LTW               Lithuanian Winner

                       W and a date invariably means Winner in that year, wherever. Some                                              countries award them to dogs who win titles in their own country. Club                                          Champion is a higher honour than Champion in many countries.


m-Ch              multi Champion

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